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My friend and I hit the local flea market, bought some records.We each got a copy of this, on the strength of the cover art.() I can remember finding this album in a pile of records a friend gave me...soon as i saw the cover i thought wow that looks flash.I put the record on and instantly took a liking to the james bondish guitar at the beginning of a taste of honey along with herbs mexican sounding intro i can remember listening through the headphones and being mesmerised at the stereophonic gem i was hearing and in awe at the shaving cream covered angel on the cover i played it over and over.What record collection would be complete without this Herb Alpert masterpiece? It has been said that the thrift stores of any large city contain enough copies of "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" to wallpaper a house (I once found 10 copies in one small store in Cleveland, of which this one was in the best condition).When I was growing up, "Whipped Cream" was one of only three records my parents had in their collection (the others were a Barbara Streisand album and a Johnny Mathis christmas record).There have been hundreds of guests over the years, but the one that I remember the best is Dolores Ericson. We have kept in touch and above all, she is as lovely of a person as she is beautiful on the album cover. I have bought two copies of this, but have never actually listened to it.Hers is the only record album cover framed and displayed in my office, plus it's autographed! I was born in 1961 and know every word (and note) by heart. When my kids ask me what I first remember, I say, listening to this ablum and President Kennedy being shot. In 12th grade, I needed large, lightweight, strong circular objects for a science project.

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() I host a radio talk-show in Central VA that is in it's 36th year.Interestingly enough, all of my teachers looked at the record, and most of them admitted to owning a copy of it as well.This is probably one of the most widely owned, yet least talked about albums in history.Almost liked it better pre-internet when everything was a mystery, and you would almost have to hire a detective to find this stuff out. and thanksto herb alpert who was kind enough to provide us with a song cheesy enough to match Chuck Barris'tacky concept of writing 100 variations of "If i was a banana, how would you peel me and eat me", Bachelorette - Bachelor #1, lf I was a cheesy Herb Alpert song, which one would it be?Now I can do it myself in 5 seconds with two clicks of the mouse. Here's her site, for what its worth. site looks a lot like fred's site here. Bachelor #1 - It would be Tijuana Taxi, causeyour butt rides low to the ground.

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