Young trans dating

The easiest way for me to fit somewhere was to call myself a gay man.

Later on, in my thirties, after moving to Europe, I started to realize I didn’t need to fit any label or group and started being more myself.

I would rather my kid change their sense of their gender 200 times before puberty than die before they could live.

Your anxiety over young kids claiming a truth of who they are is about you, not them, not medicine, not some grave threat. At what age did you realize you may be trans or nonbinary? I was pastoring a young person who was trying to find their identity and didn’t feel they were trans. What would you say to those who say coming out as trans or nonbinary is only a fad or trend?

It’s who I’ve always been, but society forced me to fit into a binary role that didn’t work for me.

I’m glad that young people today are able to come out sooner and not endure what I had to.

However, it wasn’t until I was in my early thirties that the transition became attainable.

Lesbian community and culture *was* the place where gender nonconformity was more the rule than the exception.

At that moment I started to define my gender identity as nonbinary.

My existence is not a trend, I have the right to be, the right to express myself.

Even when I met trans people, they seemed (whether because they had to in order to be considered trans “enough” or because they genuinely were) to identify as binary male or female, so I never considered I could be trans.

Most of my life it’s been a family and friends “joke” that I’m a gender of my own.

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