Xander and dawn dating

Amy's reference that Willow attempted to end the world occurred in "Grave." When Willow's hair turns black, Dawn questions her if she's evil again ("Villains.") Whedon also adds pop-culture references: Xander and Renee discuss Nick Fury, the fictional Marvel Comics character, who wears an eye patch similar to Xander's.

Like Whedon, Georges Jeanty references past episodes as well as pop-culture in the artwork.

Willow Rosenberg appears to force Amy to stop the zombies.

The figure in the duster and red shirt is revealed to be Ethan Rayne, a former friend of Giles and chaos-worshipping sorcerer.

Only a kiss from someone who loves her can free her. The demon insists that the symbol is meaningless to his kind. Despite being subdued, Amy's magics transport Willow to an Army base; it is revealed Amy has allied herself with Warren Mears.

Willow commands all surrounding her to close their eyes. As he prepares to torture and mutilate Willow, Warren tells how Amy found and rescued him from death, she is now his 'skin'.

He reveals that they are trapped within Buffy's dreamspace, the conglomeration of all of a person's possible dreams.

Xander wonders if Dawn has made herself giant sized to gain attention from her sister; Dawn splashes Xander in return.They warn her that she cannot come back if she dies at Warren's hands. General Voll believes the Slayers will take power because their demonic-origins will corrupt them.Joss Whedon returns to the series four years after writing the television series' finale.Throughout the issues, he slips references to past episodes in the dialogue.Willow's comment "I'd like to test that theory" was first uttered by Giles in season six.

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