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A while ago I noticed more and more computers "Not reporting for 30 days or more" and I ignored it because computers were still talking to WSUS and downloading the approved updates.

But now it has just been more of a bother because I can't get any info regarding compliance and pretty much no computer is reporting back.

If it does, you'll at least know where the problem lies.

Well, I ended up downloading and installing Windows Installer 3.1 on this test computer with fresh install.

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Often times, on existing machines, I will just have the update shield appear in the task bar with 0% progress all the time. 2008-10-08 :069 1264 3a0 AU Triggering AU detection through Detect Now API2008-10-08 :069 1264 3a0 AU Triggering Online detection (non-interactive)2008-10-08 :069 1264 f0 AU #############2008-10-08 :069 1264 f0 AU ## START ## AU: Search for updates2008-10-08 :069 1264 f0 AU #########2008-10-08 :069 1264 f0 AU 443DE6with error 0x802440192008-10-08 :266 1264 57c Misc WARNING: Win Http: Send Request To Server For File Information failed with 0x801901942008-10-08 :266 1264 57c Misc WARNING: Win Http: Should File Be Downloaded failed with 0x801901942008-10-08 :266 1264 57c Agent WARNING: Fail to download eula file error 0x802440192008-10-08 :376 1264 57c Agent Update .103 is pruned out due to potential supersedence2008-10-08 :376 1264 57c Agent * Added update .104 to search result2008-10-08 :376 1264 57c Agent * Added update .105 to search result2008-10-08 :376 1264 57c Agent * Found 2 updates and 35 categories in search; evaluated appl.

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Visit Stack Exchange I'm the user of a computer (Windows 7) that is part of a domain and I want to make sure its configured to use WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) and download updates from a local server instead of downloading updates directly from Microsoft servers.

The clients were reporting back and showing who was in compliance and all was well.

Around 1300 clients or so and it is not internet facing.

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