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As the event began, organizers created a guild on the Argent Dawn realm and invited protesters into it. Blogger Foton reported on the event live: "They are about to begin the march to Ironforge. "In 50-some levels, I have never seen an actual GM character EVER in this game." (I like how he qualified this with 50-some levels.So many attended that the guild interface couldn't handle all the invites -- the invite button stopped functioning. It is a sea of naked gnomery, and I cannot adequately describe how horrifying a vision that is." (Link contains NSFW language.)With so many players gathered in one zone, the server began to lag. I've been playing since 2004 and I still haven't seen a GM character.)Xanan asked the protesters to leave the area: "This is severely impacting other players' gaming experiences.All protesters were encouraged to roll a level 1 gnome on Argent Dawn and march to Ironforge.The protest had several names, but the one that stuck was the Million Gnome March. "omg omg, there's an actual GM character here now in Ironforge near the bridge," he wrote.

Mastery – Critical Block: Protection Warrior Mastery increases the chance to block as well as critically block, making it the most effective secondary stat for survivability.Currently, Travel Form always activates cheetah or stag form. In the beta, Travel Form is context sensitive: it will activate Aquatic Form in water, and Flight Form in zones with flying enabled.The original Travel Form will only activate by default in zones and indoor areas without flying.If it equals 102.4%, then the boss cannot hit us without some of his hit being blocked. Hit/Expertise/Crit: Offensive stats are devalued since the (increased) threat changes in patch 4.3.Your should be enough and generating threat should no longer be an issue. When reforging gear, it’s important that you look to reforge from your least effective stat into the most effective for whatever gear goal you are currently aiming for.

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    The second directorate column shows the combobox I want that column to be but it needs to know which value should be active in the combobox They all default to the first right now.