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“Being able to afford diapers and food — that was a great moment,” he said.“I think that’s always going to be my proudest moment — figuring out how to provide for my family. (Yuh) These unoriginal, hypocritical, pussy niggas It'll hit you when it spit at you, get it to you the old-fashioned way Cynical missions for them niggas that's actin' fickle It'll pick a nigga off, you gon' listen to what I have to say [Pre-Chorus: T-Pain & Both] Yeah, I ain't tryna stunt, homie (Stunt, homie) The gross of your career's just a month for me (A month for me) I know the last couple years been a slump for ya (Slump for ya) And now you mad that I got the one-up on ya (One-up) [Chorus: T-Pain & Lil Wayne] You ain't know about it, bitch, you know now (Bitch, you know now) They say you gotta hear it from the G. talk) Worldwide nigga, but I'm so South (So South) They say you gotta hear it from the G.

[Intro: T-Pain] Boop, boop Boop, boop (Yeah, yeah) Boop, boop (Pizzle, woo) Yeah, ayy, hey [Chorus: T-Pain] You ain't know about it, bitch, you know now (You know now) They say you gotta hear it from the G.

mouth T-Pain and Lil Wayne, two undisputed hip-hop giants of the late 2000s, unite for “Goat Talk.” On the song, both rap about their respective careers and why they should be acknowledged as “G.

Because pain ends up leaving behind the deepest scars. Someone puts themselves out on the line — dares to be seen for who they are, and sometimes face some of the worst outcomes. Someone that will take their heart gently and choose to care for it rather than take it for granted. The pain they carry from the hurt they endured in the past doesn’t disappear — and to frank, they might be oblivious to the scars they hold.

Even though I had just left a partner that I thought I would marry, you know, until he attacked me on a camping trip one night — this new guy insisted on dating right after the breakup. They don’t want you to give them some eye-opening advice. When I say don’t give advice, I’m definitely not saying to sit their quietly. Those are the moments you’ll start to help them take down that wall, brick by brick.

Sadly I didn’t have the boundaries to say no, and the relationship ended in turmoil when I finally felt comfortable and released my authentic self, un-resolved wounds and all. They’re not yours to be “locked-down,” and their need to take things slowly has nothing to do with you. That’s not going to help and, to be honest, is a bit creepy. Whether that looks like clarifying things they’ve said, asking them questions, or simply stating that you know that must’ve been so hard to go through. Now, by no means am I saying to lie or manipulate the person.

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