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According to this website, called BBC four, Autumn 2006, the title The Haunting of Toby Jugg has been changed to The Haunted Airman. Continue reading September 9, 2006 Wonderland Transcript Honestly, there seems to be no end to all the news posts today! Anyway, here is a transcript, brought to you by Eddie/Rachael: Best known for now: playing Cedric in Harry … Robert was not willing to talk about her when he was asked this question. Well, someone asked her recently and, again, we got a surprising answer: “I was so genuinely, heavily entrenched in that, and not in a way that felt like an obligation. Yasmine Nevola’S sketch is sublime in its simplicity and serenity. This piece is nice because it is rare that you find sketches of a bearded Robert. Hailing from Sweden, Jennifer Carlsson created a more cartoony but still lovable rendition of Robert.Continue reading Pattinson replied that working on the “Twilight” saga was indeed very rewarding and a happy experience as he met good friend and director David Cronenberg while doing the “Twilight” films. ” when asked if he would be open to doing another vampire film. He replied, “I prefer not to broach the subject.” Hm. Ariel Ioana used color pencils to create a warm and inviting of Robert giving her an autograph. Here is another one from the hand of Yasmine Nevola.This dreamy picture of Robert has sketched by Sandra Saar.And, last but not least, we have an impressive video that captures an artist in the process of drawing Robert: We will remember. A report makes the claim that Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have called off their engagement because they both have different pursuits in mind.Do you think it would be best if he had a boy or girl teacup pig?Should he dress his new micro pig in costumes and outfits?Don’t get me wrong I love dogs and cats but come on how can anyone say no to a cute little piggy!!Now that Robert’s engagement seems to be called off and while he is waiting for his new role it seems fitting that he will need some new company!

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Continue reading Our Other Sites Our Other Sites The Haunting of Toby Jugg News Thanks to the lovely Amo we have some very exciting The Haunting of Toby Jugg news! Melanie, from Germany, has crafted a stunning adaptation of Robert’s magazine cover. We enjoyed Mary Line’s illustration because it captures the cool playfulness of Robert.

I personally think he should get one and name it pinky!

Or he could go with a classic name like Wilbur, Hamlette or Mrs. I have thought of some other awesome teacup pigs names.

Would it be fair to us girls to have one of the sexiest men alive also being about to have something as cute as a micro pigs running around?

He might set up a buying craze of new teacup pigs taking over the world as the most adorable pets ever!!

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