Who is lil mama dating

The way it works is that they all wear different shades of lip gloss and compare who can leave a mark the furtherst along a guy's rod.

(Needless to say, they're fucking in love with it.)"Lip Gloss" @ Forkcast The plot of said video in a nut shell: Lil' Mama complains to her mother that she just doesn't seem to have what it takes to make it with the cool crowd at school.

First of all, if you haven't seen Lil' Mama's video for her hot new single "Lip Gloss," you're going to want to check that out.

Not because it's good or anything, but because it will be key to understanding the rest of this post.

2), Lil Mama posted a photo with Mack Wilds to Instagram, leading fans to believe they're dating.

Now, Mack addresses the situation, saying the dating rumors simply aren't true."Every time a picture of me and an amazing woman surfaces, ppl assume we date.

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