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And doesn’t this just make it harder to adjust to “regular life?” Jesse Csincsak: The reason why almost none of the couples ever last after being on this show is because of the producers!The 4th season of The Bachelorette premiered on May 19, 2008.The season featured 27-year-old De Anna Pappas, a real estate agent.

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However, if Dez is smart, she will find her man and stay as far away from the limelight as possible — to get back to real life, to really get to know her choice!!So, out of the final 13, nine of them will actually be sent home by producers, and the actual real eliminations start at final four.Starcasm: On tonight’s episode, Desiree and the guys left Los Angeles and embarked on an “Around The World” journey starting in Atlantic City.What is the point of traveling to so many different locations?Is it to channel the many different personalities of the men?

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