Who is jeff ross dating

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So when we did the roast (Roast of Donald Trump), she was on it.

They asked me, "Would you be okay with Amy being on the roast?

Then after six years of grinding it out, I was kind of in the right place at the right time for , when they had to hire a whole staff.

Comedy Central loves the idea of me and Amy being together. If we said we were going to do a show together, they'd be thrilled, it would be a done deal.

Usually when they hire a writer, they hire somebody's friend.

When you have to hire everybody it's easier to slip in that way.

" I said, " Amy is going to do great, of course." Then I thought, "Wait, are they going to talk about us being a couple?

"Because I would never say, "Please don't make fun of my ears," But I said, "Listen, no one knows who Amy and I are, they sure as sh*t don't know we're together, so you have to set up that we're together to tell a joke and I think that sucks, please don't do that. Jon Lovitz's first joke was about how we're a couple and he had to set it up, and those jokes don't even work.

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