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” “It’s not your place to tell women to get an abortion,” another woman tweeted.

“So a woman needs a stable relationship with a man to raise a child?? Women can do freaking anything.” Hilton, the single father of Mario, 4, and Mia, 2 — delivered via surrogates — is no stranger to controversy.

Sources told Us that the Life of Kylie star is four months pregnant and is expecting a baby girl. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not going to last. They’re having a baby and they barely know each other! One Twitter user wrote, “Perez Hilton’s latest video which I refuse to watch (all I had to do was read the headline to know) is beyond disgusting.” Another asked, “Why you telling a woman what to do with her body?

You know, the Kardashian show is about to end so Kylie just wants to get a role on Teen Mom.

Armie Hammer is catching some serious heat over his latest IG post. One of the Spice Girls being taken to the cleaners. Is the Miley/Liam breakup real or of just for publicity?

Taylor Swift dropped another song and even more merch. Miley is still spinning her truth while Liam is busy doing something else. Taylor Swift is the Queen of the sales chart, but is it all good news for her?

Ariana has at least one new "Boyfriend." Sad news for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

He was sued for libel by Samantha Ronson, who was dating Lindsay Lohan at the time, for alleging the DJ planted drugs in the actress’ car in 2007.

On Cribs- he says about his closet.."Every Girl Wishes HER closet was this big"He lives in the PINK PALACE Wears a PINK ROBE all the time and changed his name as close to Paris Hilton as possible So Yes- Perez Hilton is gay.

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Responding to a uk article in which we reported that Perez Hilton wants to appear in the next series of the celebrity dating show, 27-year-old Lipnicki – who’s currently appearing in the show – told Perez to ‘do it!!!!!! Perez, 39, responded that he would ‘love to’ before former child actor Jonathan – who made a name for himself by appearing in movies such as Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little when he was a littl’un – said that the show is ‘so much fun’.

Although it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the show’s current star Jonathan after he stormed out of a date when his female companion ‘refused to see past his Stuart Little character’ In Sunday’s episode of the E4 show, the actor was on a date that seemed to be going well until the discussion ventured into the steamy topic of sex and Jonny’s date admitted that she couldn’t see him past his past as a child actor.

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