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Based on her drunken, unstable behavior, many in the house voiced opposition and Ashley did not want to stay since all were not okay with it.Had she stayed, production had an ex of hers that would have moved in as well.When they return, they come to discover that many of their exes have moved in as additional roommates.

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In episode 5, Arielle is one of the only ones happy about her ex being in the house, but has a brief argument with her ex-girlfriend Ashley when she expresses a dislike of Arielle falsely thinking she needs to conform to Ashley's preferences of clothing in a partner.The production crew also provided the cast a smart phone so they could take their own pictures, and also had a social website available that they could post their pictures on.As the season unfolds, some of that will have repercussions at home when people back home see photos.Most seasons of The Real World since the fifth season have included the assignment of a season-long group job or task to the housemates.Beginning in the 28th season, certain jobs in the area were approved by production that the cast had the liberty to apply for independently if desired.

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