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By the way, I didn't file I-140 or I-485 since my previous Labor Certificate is still in process for over 2 years (filed on July 2005)!!!

Please consider these factors in my case~ Thank you guys~Getting our voices heard and getting relief measures passed are not the same thing.

As per my attorney, they accept the interfiling letter and process it or they don't. Pappu, Not sure how Priya David fell through the cracks but the very first thing we do when we talk to reporters is hammer away and draw a distinction between H1-B and EB workers. In fact this comes across so strongly that the Wa Po reporter even called me back to say "see I didn't mess that up!

My attorney is pretty darn good and honestly have no complaints till now but this particular information is kind of bothering me and just want to be sure. " Unfortunately, TV stations do tend to splice together a bunch of stuff just to get a story out. best, Berkeleybeeits uscis..can do anything...logically they should have been returned by now..

What are the option for EB-3 stuck here.01, 02, 03 .... All categories may become current and remain current for 6 months to a year. ------------------------------------- I was interviewed by National Public Radio(NPR) recently abt the whole immigration stuff.

OR EB3 ROW becoming current atleast by end of next fiscal year (by 09/2009, so that EB3 I would start progressing at a faster rate. However, I disagree with the salary part you mentioned in your interview. This can be heard on the following link 2 cents worth of thought, that has reached the National Audience.

Would appreciate if anyone could help me clear this up. but logic does not exist out there..may think wherever there is life there is logic..that only exists in logiclife.

Like file a H1b transfer application which I know would definitely be rejected since I am unable to get a pay stub.

My lawyer told me that they will have to send it in the future if there is an RFE. I would not have made it through this journey without the expert advice on this forum to all the questions I asked - and just seeing everyone's contributions whether ve or -ve to remind me that I am not in this thing alone. My EB3 I-140 with a PD of 9/2001 is still not approved. it is in the interest of Hi-tech companies to have the h1b visa quota increased so that they can get more skilled workers.

For those that are still on the journey - just hang in there and your time surely will come! Is it true that USCIS never responds to interfiling requests ? However they know that once they have an H1B worker, they will have that worker for many years due to retrogression. We need to highlight the greencard quota issue and not confuse it with the H1B quota issue. After watching the SJC and Senate proceedings I feel Retrogression and greencard quota issue needs more awareness and education amongst lawmakers so that it is not confused with H1B visa quota.

We are all in a hole, and IV is our only bet to get out of it.

Please have faith and continue contributing to our cause.

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