Whitelabeldating scam Chat site free cam

All these datign sites and hundreds of others are operated through White Label and Ventro Media.We've mentioned this many times, we've done hundreds and hundreds of reviews on fake dating sites.Avoid all websites owned by these people, look at their terms and conditions for "white label dating" or "Global Personals Ltd" and if found, then avoid!This was aired in November 2012 on Channel 4, thanks to this website and other review sites, see the video about Global Personals here: I too am tired of payents from my account over the last 12 months.If you sign up to one of their sites they pass the information on to other sites of theirs and then you receive emails saying that you've had a message from somebody using this other website.If you then follow the link you're asked to enrol before being able to reply.

The only interested in your naked pictures because they are 95% lesbian or looking for web fun.All of these messages are fictitious, none of this is real.All the emails are generated and sent via computer software programs called bots which is an abbreviation for robots.But, as you will see in this investigation the exact opposite happened.This would be considered strike number one against Shag Hunt.

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