White men dating

His large and wonderfully give lips pressed into mine, sending shockwaves of passion throughout my entire body.

If I had any lingering doubts or apprehension as to if this was the correct choice evaporated immediately…I was now his and I wanted to give him everything.

“You look so beautiful” Steven said; and gave me a soft encouraging hug.

“I just want to say thank you Sue”; “I love you so much” It was at this moment that I knew we had come through this process together and stronger than ever.

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The day of our date, Steven took me to the salon, and spa and then out to a late lunch.The day’s conversation while shopping and preparing let us become closer to one another than we had in years.Once home, I was left to take a light nap and get ready, while Steven made refreshments and began the waiting process.I looked into Stevens eyes and whispered; “I could have come this far without you…I love you so much”.After leaving Stevens embrace, I turned around to find my bulls arms enveloping me and lifting my petite frame into his six foot three grasp and into a wonderful and exhilaratingly passionate kiss.

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