What to talk about on a first date online dating

So you felt a connection, the conversation flowed and you had lots of things in common. You could do this right away, but it’s probably better not to put someone on the spot.

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Texting can certainly give you a sense of another person, but to really get to know each other, you need more than messages on a screen: facial expressions, body language and tone of voice are just as important.

But too often we measure our worth against those we perceive to be ‘winning’, with the result that we try to imitate and improve on what others are doing instead of finding our own way. It’s about finding someone you connect with and care about; someone who makes you happy and who you can make happy in return.

This is only possible when you stay true to yourself and let your authenticity shine through. A successful first date is only as good as the follow-up, and this means arranging another meeting.

We all love to talk about ourselves – but don’t assume your date finds you as interesting as you do.

In fact, making it all about you sends the wrong signals.

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