Wet shots the best of taija rae volume 2 tube

She first started out in the industry using the names Buffy Shinshay and Page Turner before she settled on Buffy Davis (which is also the name of a character from the 1960's mainstream TV show "Family Affair", Buffy would have been the same age as the little girl from that show if she had grown up and gone into porn).Soon, because of her willingness to engage in anal sex in any role that she played, Buffy graduated to starring status in the porn scene.

Her soft bodied look was very appealing to many of her fans and she always put in a good enthusiastic performance.

Unlike the typical porn queen, Taija was neither svelte nor surgically enhanced; she had a "this is pretty much the way I am" look that appealed to men and didn't threaten women.

She seemed approachable, the kind of girl you could meet in ...

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