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Launched in 2007, the video player offered streaming and torrent downloads of (usually pirated) content provided by third-party servers.According to state media (link in Chinese), Kuaibo had been downloaded more than 300 million times by 2012, when China had only 540 million internet users.

In 2016, authorities sentenced founder and CEO Wang Xin to three and a half years in prison and fined him 0,000.

That’s due in part to the rise of domestic tech firms providing online data storage, among them Alibaba and Huawei.

Last year, amid another round of “cleaning up” the internet, authorities closed some such services to individual users, contending they had become havens for porn.

For users, these ad-supported services can be frustrating.

Sometimes no content awaits them after they navigate through ads, and regardless the odds of picking up malware along the way are high.

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