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He said that he had recently learned of the district's purchase of LANrev, and had researched the software.

He had made the "somewhat startling" discovery that it would allow school employees to monitor students' laptops remotely.

Haltzman of Silverang, Donohoe, Rosenzweig & Haltzman LLC.

The complaint alleged that after the high schools issued Mac Book laptops with built-in i Sight webcams to the students, school staff remotely activated the laptops' webcams covertly while the students were off school property, thereby invading the students' privacy.

It related to 1,000 images that the school took surreptitiously via his computer over a two-month period, including shots of him in his bedroom.

The district had deactivated its surveillance of the student in February 2010, after the Robbins lawsuit was filed.

I would not find this a problem if students were informed that this was possible, for privacy's sake. There is no way that I would approve or advocate for the monitoring of students at home. Di Medio then forwarded the e-mails to District Network Technician Perbix, who suggested a further response to the student intern.

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Lower Merion School District, the Board of Directors of the Lower Merion School District, and Christopher W.

Robbins, individually, and on behalf of all similarly situated persons v.

Without telling its students, the schools remotely accessed their school-issued laptops to secretly take pictures of students in their own homes, their chat logs, and records of the websites they visited. Attorney's Office, and Montgomery County District Attorney all initiated criminal investigations of the matter, which they combined and then closed because they did not find evidence "that would establish beyond a reasonable doubt that anyone involved had criminal intent". Parents, media, and academics criticized the schools, and the matter was cited as a cautionary example of how modern technology can be used to infringe on personal privacy.

The school then transmitted the images to servers at the school, where school authorities reviewed them and shared the snapshots with others. In July 2010, another student, Jalil Hasan, filed a parallel second suit.

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