Vlookup not updating

SEE: Choosing your Windows 7 exit strategy: Four options (Tech Pro Research) The simple sheet shown in Figure A contains two Table objects.

The one on the left tracks the hours each employee works at specific work sites.

This is why I chose to use Table objects—the VLOOKUP() function automatically updates to include the new row—you don't have to modify the function.

The error in row 4 was easy to troubleshoot and fix.

For instance, if your company applies stipends for travel, you probably add the same amount for every employee for travel days.

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Just supply the 4th argument (range_lookup) as FALSE or 0.To fix this error, simply add a new record to the stipend list, as shown in Figure C.As you can see, this simple fix takes care of the error in row 4.The Table to the right lists each site and its daily stipend.You could memorize the amounts and list them with the hourly record, but that invites trouble: You might enter the wrong amount, and anytime you enter values manually you risk typos.

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