We all deserve a relationship founded on mutual respect.

Some can learn to love and learn that their obsession or desire to control their partner is wrong, however not all victims are that lucky.

If we were to date and you told me you're a virgin I, first, wouldn't really be put off or turned on either way, second, I'd probably downshift any sexual advances as I wouldn't want to push you to do something you didn't want to do, and third, I would be just a I'd want to know if she was a virgin because a number of things tend to come up. There are also things that inhibit the effectiveness of birth control. The experience is not going to be what you anticipated. Have fun, play hard, live hard, and enjoy your life. You, for the most part, are ultimately in control of your body. Don't discard your first experience at anything just because people tell you that you should do something. Girls my age considered my "innocence" to be adorable, but I believe this was only because I was a physically attractive guy at the time that didn't have the confidence to finish the deed with a girl. It was actually quite awkward and she was very vocal about criticizing me for having been with women before her. The only virgins I can't stand are the ones who pontificate about it (I'm looking at you Lolo Jones and Tim Tebow). Most guys want a girl who's crazy, down for all types of wild sexual stuff, but also consider the girls who are down for those things as sluts (and will them openly talk shit on them to their friends and other girls- especially in college, not so much in the real world.).

Lastly, a bit of a side note about virgin shaming/slut shaming. If you wait until your wedding night, or lose your virginity tomorrow, it is your body. Someone changed that, and something changed with me, and now girls consider me to be a creep---which is just a brilliant trade, really. You don't have to tell anyone you're a virgin if you don't want to- I don't really like to know a girl's prior sexual history (not every guy is like this).

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Cell phones and online social networking provide round-the-clock access – especially when parents are not around.

Healthy relationship behaviors can have a positive effect on a teen’s emotional development.

Teens receive messages about how to behave in relationships from peers, adults, and the media.

A virgin who is dating someone who isn't but who doesn't intend to lose their virginity would probably cause problems, just like two virgins where only one of them wanted to lose it. However, I would want to know in advance so when the times comes I can make sure to have extra lube handy. I think there's a lot of stock that's put into letting a guy "take your virginity". As a (20 year old) virgin myself, I'm perfectly fine with it. If you're looking to lose your virginity to a boyfriend you're comfortable with, be upfront about it.

I have a friend who is a virgin and it's mildly admirable. Something I would probably want anyway because not all women produce enough natural lube, and it makes things generally easier. I've seen a fair number of girls that have lost their v-card get overly attached to the guy that they had sex with. There's also a lot of pressure mentally on the guy to perform well for the girl when she loses it. If you're planning to screw his brains out and you're at your place, have some condoms stashed aside. Actually, it makes things easier since when the time comes, we're both novices. Include it in the first talk you have about where your relationship is going.

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