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The feature applies to all of Bumble’s use cases, including Bumble Bizz for making professional connections; Bumble BFF for making friends; and Bumble for dating.

The option to start a call will surface only once a match has been made.

Twenty-year-old You Tuber Summer Mckeen is facing ethical concerns over a recent sponsored video with Tinder in which she films herself on two idealistic double dates with total strangers while traveling — and then saying she "recommends" doing this."It's a good way" to travel and meet strangers, she and her sister, who accompanied her on the trip and date, concluded in the recent video, which has been viewed more than 354,000 times.

Many are worried that the sponcon — published to her more than 2.4 million followers mostly comprising young women — is promoting a habit that could be potentially dangerous.

How much does it suck when the person you match with looks nothing like their pictures? That’s why we developed Filter Off, a dating app that allows users to participate in a facetime-style 60-second chat. via GIPHY We built Filter Off because we weren’t that pleased with the dating app landscape."Those four are probably tinder ambassadors as well and this was all staged and planned," another said.Tinder did not respond when asked whether the matches were paid talent or selected specifically for the video.They instead pointed to a statement Mckeen pinned in the comment section on Saturday addressing these concerns."I just wanted to say that this was a really fun little project that I was lucky enough to do with Tinder’s production team.It was controlled (with real tinder matches, not actors) so that it was as safe as possible for my sister and I," she wrote.

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