Utorrent tracker keeps updating

If you hit no or don’t use Windows Firewall, you still need to let u Torrent through.

If using Windows Firewall: Do not be tempted to turn off your firewall when torrenting, as this opens your computer up to malware and all sorts of threats.

Instead, they have trackers, a file that describes all the chunks of the original file.u Torrent is free, though there are premium versions available for Windows that add some bells and whistles; the free versions are perfectly adequate for anyone who just wants to share some files.u Torrent isn’t the only torrent tracker out there but it is one of the most popular.When a new peer joins the system and is looking for a file, the torrenting software breaks the file into many tiny chunks.The software then looks for peers that have already obtained the chunks that the new peer still needs, and if they have it, the other peers upload it to the new peer.

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