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Now we can only set the value of 'name' if the length of the value we want to set is greater than 10.

This is just a very basic example, you'd probably want error handling in there in case someone goes jamming invalid values in your method and complains when it doesn't work.

In order to have any time to work on other projects including XOM and Jaxen, I've had to let this site slide. Also, speaking of Jaxen, I noticed that the website has been a little out of date for a while now because I neglected to update the releases page when 1.1.2 was released in 2008.

Consequently, a lot of folks have been missing out on the latest bug fixes and optimizations. I'm not sure who let that one slide, but we'll have to see about grabbing it back one of these days.

And because there is no setter, there's no way we can change this value either, making it readonly.

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I'm making a database system for a school project(Matric PAT) where I have to make a database in java (for this I'm using netbeans) and then I have to create a java program that connects to the data and is able to perform specific tasks like change data in the database, display data etc.

The code used to drive this site is vintage 1995 (yes, it's been around that long) so it really doesn't meet the needs of a modern site.

When I was writing and teaching more or less fulltime, I could treat this site as part of that, and arguably it returned the time I invested, but that's no longer the case.

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