Updating psp 3 71 m33

All 3 PSP games i tried crashed my Vita and my PSP.

So I did a bit more research and discovered Edisons Carters cheatdevice which is a PRX plugin made especially for GTA: LCS/VCS.

) The cheatdevice doesn't work on EU patched copies....

Since im from Australia, guess what my UMD is, yep the patched EU version! So i tried a US copy and what do you know it's working on my 3.80 PSP!

PBP- Seplugins(new Folder)\popsloader\prx go here.txt[disconnect PSP from PC]- Go to PSP menu “GAME”- Choose “” icon, push X- ….follow next instruction…- ….after finish, PSP will automatically restart.- After that, turn your PSP back to on,- Go to: \System Setting\System Information\- System software: 3.52 M33-4(Congratulation!!

This Tutorial was made for those who doesnt have PANDORA and wants to upgrade/update their PSPs With this tutorial I will show you how to update your 3.

The following article will guide you through installing the latest (and greatest 😉 ) custom PSP firmware version 3.71 M33 that was produced by no other than Dark_Alex himself.

– — – — – if from 1.50 directly go to 3.10 OE- A — – — – –B.Update 3.71 M33-4 adds full support for multi-disc PSOne games and includes various bug fixes concerning popsloader.– Bugfix: Multidisc psx games bought in the psn store would not work due to the format being different and M33 treating them as decrypted games.Pretty much the reason I want to do this is because it seems like the only way I will be able to use cheats in GTA: LCS (more info read here) without going backwards to 3.71 which was the last firmware Edison Carters LCS cheat device works on (I don't have a pandora battery for downgrading) and I can not get CWCheat working at all on my Vita and PSP I did a good Google search of my question and all the topics and guides i read were all foreign language to me and had dead links to files etc.I'm new to PSP's and don't know anything about them so if someone could point me in the right direction to achieve this i would be greatly appreciated Thanks again! BTW GEN is c**p made from stolen M33 source , DO NOT USE IT !!!!

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