Updating fact tables

The are currently two supported types of fact tables: The snapshot fact form relies on the definition of the primary key to decide whether to update a fact row or insert a new one.The current implementation of the snapshot fact form assumes that the Source being loaded into the snapshot fact form does not contain primary key (PK) duplicates (in other words, every source row is unique with respect to the fact’s primary key).The physical table name is the name you declare prefixed with the subject area prefix name.

Most of the time when I ask more details about the need of this particular need, the usual answer I get is that the user wants to perform two or more updates together in such a way that when success they both gets committed together or fails together.There are some questions where the answer is no and that is totally fine.I often get asked that as it is possible to select two or more tables in a single SELECT statement, is it possible to UPDATE more than one table in a single table.Reference columns are used to associate the fact row with other fact rows or members, and data columns are used to store data values.Fact columns can be profiled, enabling you to view statistics and visualizations for data without publishing.

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