Updating achtung panzer operation star

* Pe-3: GD increased, AA reduced, SA and HA reduced * Pe-2 and Il-2 series: Naval attack reduced (Il-2-37 NA removed) * Soviet Strategic Bombers: Naval Attack Reduced. Panther Series: * Panther D1: Cost, Fuel, Movement, HA and SA reduced. * Sd Kfz 234/2 8Rad: HA reduced * Do 215B: Cost increased.

* Petlyakov Peshka series icons improved (summer and winter versions) * Tupolev TB-3 icon changed to Akkula´s version. Panzer III Series * Panzer IIIF: unit icon added (Flak´s). * He-115: AA reduced, GD reduced, SA and HA reduced. * Panhard renamed to Panzerspähwagen P204(f) * Biber-Class Submarine: Naval attack slightly reduced. How their scaling compares to other mainlines has nothing to do with why they cost more than volks. You have no argument at all You're literally doing the same thing as yesterday.

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