Ultimate dating weekend

Pokud vám naše e-maily stále nechodí, obraťte se přímo na společnost EA.

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It was difficult to hear the commentators and other sfx over certain sound effects playing in-game during the match.

It turned out to be an incredibly fun, and also incredibly well produced event! The only thing that was hard to see was the countdown timer for each team.

The energy in the crowd and the production value of the event made it seem like what I would expect from any other pro sporting event I would go to. Best weekend of my life Allen Event Center - Allen Apart from the blackout and quite confusing registration, everything else is perfect. Parking was fairly easy and very close to the venue which was nice.

I cannot wait for another Dallas home game, and if Houston gets one soon I'll be there too! I didn't buy any food, but it seemed like lots of folks around me enjoyed what they bought at concessions.

As far as the host/Allen Event Center goes, this venue went above expectations.

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