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This recipe is based on a bean dish found at many Chinese restaurants in Trinidad and Tobago (and Markham).

While not the exact thing, it can hold it’s own on any dinner table.

If you're from the Caribbean or have traveled to the islands (maybe you have friends from the region), you'll know that Garlic Sauce (a thin aioli) is one of the preferred condiments served with BBQ.

While there are many variations of this iconic sauce, I grantee you that this is as spectacular as it gets. that rich thick soup packed with tropical flavors, but made with very simple and cheap ingredients.

However, you really can't argue once you taste our culinary delights. Typically if you were using freshly picked pigeon peas, you'd have this cook for 1.5 to 2 hours.

The reality is, there are times we just don't have time and we just want to enjoy something delicious and fulfilling. There's a special place in my belly for jerk pork (no lie).

Unlike our thick and heavy Caribbean Soups, this broff (broth) is supposed to be lighter in consistency and textures, and meant to be a cure for hangovers.

My uncle was exceptional at making fish broff, especially on a Monday after a weekend of too many adult beverages.

This recipe is somewhat similar to the Roasted Tomato Choka And Rice Soup recipe I shared a while back.

Plus the technique itself may seem strange, but the goal is to get the ultimate flavors out of the ingredients.

Like Spinach (all greens), beans of all types are my some of my favorite food to eat/cook.

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