I guess "technocrat" just sounded to me like a guy. Instead the matchmaker calls (mine a sadistic _ _ _ _ _ named Arlene) who says it's in my best interest to agree to meet with a married, but going to be divorced match. The once-a-month mail with a new match (name, phone) never comes.

It's odd how deeply ingrained some of these assumptions can be! Don't go near: "Together Dating" has offices in Encino, Irvine, Los Angeles,and San Diego: Together Dating .... You fill out a questionnaire; they contact you; you make an appointment when they go over your likes and dislikes...after they have verified your credit card. Meanwhile your credit card was charged immediately.

That commitment to our members has played a significant role in our longevity.” DATING THROUGH THE YEARS Together Dating Service, headquartered in Baltimore, MD was founded in 1974 in Rochester, New York. In 1997, Together Dating Service corporate underwent a significant reorganization as franchisee Brad Megahan took the reigns as the company’s President.

We focus on customer service, customer service and customer service, striving to provide the highest quality matchmaking service within the industry.

This looked like a fun project, and I had thought it would be an easy one.

If anything requires clarification, please ask, and I'll be glad to refocus my search as needed.

A recent article in the new York Times discussed "upscale" dating services around the country, ranging from ,000 to 0,000 per year. If only your friend wanted to meet a cute temptress from Czechoslovakia or a college student who's looking for "generous men," this would have been so much easier.

While I am not a Blue Blood myself, I have a technocrat friend who is tired of Internet dating. ;-) Below you'll find a selection of the most promising services I've been able to locate online.

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