Tiffany hsu ethan ruan dating

According to the report, Chen said he heard from friends in Taichung that the star flaunted about taking Esther Liu's virginity.

Ethan Ruan responded, "I'm most angry about bringing Esther Liu into this.

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He even sent her home in his sports car after dinner and she was wearing his baseball jacket, which he had lent her when they were leaving the restaurant.

They believe that contracts signed before the age of 20 should not constitute any legal effect.

In response, Chen said, "Ethan Ruan was already 19 when he signed the contract, but he told everyone he was underage at the time, as if he was lying with his eyes open." He is suing for 3 million (NTD) and said the money will be donated to charity.

Her Instagram account, which has 300,000 fans, was promptly deactivated after the sudden increase in attention on her.

Fans who uncovered Fa Fa’s identity also noticed that she posted a photo of herself wearing the same outfit as the girl Ethan was spotted with on the same day.

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