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Why the hell would you want to meet them in person?

So use the phone and technology to screen them out before you decide to pull the trigger and meet up for a date.

You have to read the book 10–15 times and practice a lot, because if you tend to have a little success, it can go to your head a little bit.

But you also should have two or three other places that you can go to if the date goes well, because the process of seduction is to get closer and closer to a woman until you eventually end up inside of her. And if you click and a woman likes you, you like her, and she’s not structured and following a bunch of rules, fucking go for it. In the time between Sunday and Wednesday, I realized from reading your book that I should not be doing the pursuing.

He details how he met a woman in person for their first date, what they did and how the date ended with only a kiss on the cheek.

He also discusses how she contacted him a few days later and he set the second date, what they did on the date and how he set the conditions to seduce her successfully, even though he only got the cheek on their first date.

She went along with a plan, which was to go for a hike.

I didn’t contact her again until a couple hours before our date on Sunday to give her my address, since I’d told her to meet at my place and we’d drive together.

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