The body language project dating attraction and sexual body language

Once again bear in mind that one of these indicators on its own can and probably does mean nothing.As a man you need to be looking for "clusters" of indicators during the course of a conversation or meeting.But if during that conversation she makes certain other subtle gestures as well, then there is the It also needs to be borne in mind that there is a cultural element involved in this, in that in one country a gesture may mean one thing and in another country mean something completely different, like an insult for example.

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Other people will unconsciously - or, if they happen to be aware of body language signals, consciously - pick up on what your subtle and instinctive gestures, posture and eye movements are saying about what you really feel about a person or situation.

One theory estimated that around 90% of the "meaning" derived through human interaction is made through non verbal communication.

That theory is however now widely regarded as flawed, with most researchers and experts now broadly agreeing on a figure of around 50-60% of all human interaction and communication as being non verbal.

Also slight parting of the lips while looking at you is recognised often unconsciously as an indicator of sexual interest.

Many women unconsciously twirl or flick their hair when in the company of a man they're interested in.

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