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Cycle of Violence The Cycle of Violence has been described as having three stages: the tension building stage; the violent episode; and the honeymoon stage. Domestic Violence Resource Manual for Healthcare Professionals The Manual helps providers recognize domestic violence; feel comfortable in screening for domestic violence and provides important resources and tools.

Since the release of the Manual, members of the Medical Committee have traveled the state training nurses, doctors, residents, and other medical professionals regarding the complexities of screening and working with victims of domestic violence.

Download the Domestic Violence in the Workplace Overview Created exclusively for teens and young adults, this pocket card addresses how teens can respond to dating violence and includes important technology safety information.

Domestic Violence consists of “Intimate Partner Violence,” which includes current and former spouses, current and former dating couples with or without a child in common and dating couples.

Click here to download the 2012 Georgia Fatality Review This .

PDF is an excellent resource for businesses and explains why addressing domestic violence in the workplace is critical for employee productivity and safety.

Maybe you’ve witnessed your friend being hurt by the person he or she is dating.

Or it might be that your friend has stopped attending activities or hanging out with you and the rest of your group.

You have the right to be treated with respect and have your rights acknowledged and accepted. Approximately two thirds of 12 to 18 year olds who are currently in a relationship or had been in one in the past year said they had been victims of teen dating violence.

Advocates Guide for Working with Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence The Guide provides practical tips and considerations to help advocates address the complex and unique needs of an immigrant victim including a list of both state and national resources.

Please contact Pat Kwetkauskie at (302) 255-0410 to order copies for your agency.

Even when you know you are doing the right thing, ending a relationship can leave you feeling angry, sad, jealous or lonely.

Talking to a professional can help you work through the break-up and help build your self-esteem, helping you avoid a similar relationship, or falling back into the same relationship.

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