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January 24, 2005 Email: [email protected] Angeles, CA Marital Status: Single Occupation: Electrical Engineering Major at USC (Full ride wee). in Electrical Engineering and be a professor, hooray education.

I'm tryin to get my work on at micron Comments: Freakin Johnny making me look at this page, and now I felt obligated to make an entry, I'm gona take a picture soon to get the more recent look, no big changes I suppose. I miss high school but I am also thoroughly enjoying college. March 16, 2002 Email: [email protected] Fontainbleau Blvd Miami, FL 33172 Marital Status: Single Occupation: professional pilot at amerijet inc Comments: high school was a "daze" for me but everything turned out great!

(by the way, feel free to drop me a line anytime you feel like it, as it is not all that exciting up here in Small Town America and it would be good to talk to some old friends) September 29, 2004 Email: [email protected] Irving Street; Box 955 Philadelphia, PA 19104 Marital Status: Single Occupation: Student at University of Pennsylvania; Research Assistant in the Department of Neurosurgery and the Head Injury Center at the Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania Comments: I hope everyone is enjoying their life after high school! I will be graduating in 2009 and be moving to New Port Beach where I will be working as an Upper Cervical Specialist. " November 25, 2007 Heather (Mc Cutcheon) Lighthart Email: [email protected] Crescenta, CA, 91214 Marital Status: Married to Jason Lighthart (Class of 1999) Occupation: Pediatric Occupational Therapist Reunion: See you there!

October 7, 2001 Email: [email protected]: I know, I am 23 years old..up. May 25, 2005 Email: [email protected] Maxson Road #3 El Monte, CA 91732 Marital Status: Single Occupation: Urban Planner at Cal Poly Pomona Reunion: To go back and see how everyone turned out April 24, 2003 Email: [email protected], CA 91042 818-383-2706 Marital Status: Single Occupation: Server at Hill Street Cafe Comments: Time is going by so fast and it feels like i have not done anything yet.wait I havn't.well..we'll see where im at when the reunion comes up and then I'll start to worry.the way I dont look like this senior picture anymore.. I love you Heather March 31, 2003 Email: [email protected] Crescenta, CA 91214 Marital Status: Single Occupation: stage tech,lighting grip,sound set up for Theatre and Movies on location at Enterainment Lighting Services and Local Stage Theatres doing what i love Reunion: Its going to fast and i dont think we need one I mean with the Oct. SEE YA SOON Comments: Well class of 1999, hope everything is going well with all of your lifes and you all are where you want to be in your lifes. I dont miss high school went cause I had to :) July 25, 2003 Email: [email protected] Status: Single Occupation: Realtor at Keller Williams Realty Comments: Whats up everybody? Comments: Well, I got married to my soulmate, Jason on July 23, 2006. I am so glad so many of my close childhood friends were able to share in our special day.

I named them after my two favorite felonies, Mischief and Mayhem. October 31, 2007 Email: [email protected] 1/2 Griffith Park Blvd.

Apt #7 North Hollywood, CA 91601 Marital Status: Significant Other, Michael and only other half Occupation: Lead Chef at Taste Buds Catering (Look for the atricle on" young and rising chefs "in Gourmet Magazine!! August 11, 2002 Email: [email protected], CO Marital Status: Married to Seth Hunter Occupation: Student Teacher Reunion: I can't wait to see everyone - hope you're all doing well.

All I have to say is enjoy your life, don't be cheap!!! I will graduate in the Spring of 2006 with a teaching degree, and Seth will graduate in the Summer of 2006 with an art degree. I'll let you know when that happens :) December 28, 2005In loving memory of Ronald Anthony Phillips. October 22, 2003 Email: [email protected]: hey everyone! October 30, 2007 Email: [email protected]: WIne tasting, Extra income 2065 S HWY 99 W Mc Minnville, OR 97128 800-525-5469 Marital Status: Married to Jeremy Beller Children: Ugi [oo-gee] my puppy, and Boo Radly my tarantula Occupation: Manager at The Paragon Hotel, Wine Consultant, Certified Holistic Nutritionist at Oregon's Wine Country Reunion: I would like to go say hi to all my old friends, I hope to be able to get down there. i have plenty of time to chat during the week when the place isn't busy Comments: We didn't intend to move so much, but I like the change. Lots of hours, but I meet interesting and sometimes famous people. And people keep asking me, yes I'm still best friends with Christa,and I aodre her children. Who spent 26 years at CBS and on the Emmy nominating board. Godbold, (Class of 1996) Children: Dylan Travis, 7; Carly Joy, 4 Occupation: Full-time MOMMY and part-time at La Canada Pet Clinic Reunion: We'll see.

Your smile, and presence ment alot to those who new you. Our memories will never be forgotten, you will never be forgotten by those who loved you. Hope that everyone is happy and accomplishing their goals in life. I cant believe four drunken years have already passed since high school! enjoying life to the fullest, preparing for marriage... From CA to CO, to WA and now OR, I really think I want to just go back to CA. Comments: So many familiar faces, where did the time go? Hey, I didn't graduate with ya'll, but I went to school for so long with so many of you, I felt I had a right to have something up here... November 7, 2007 Email: [email protected] Auburn St #251 Bakersfield, CA 93306 Marital Status: Married to Michele (Gibboney) Sauer Children: Gabriel Joseph Sauer Born 9-19-07 at 7.1lbs Occupation: Professional Hazmat transporter at Inergy Services Comments: Hey all those who actually remember me. October 21, 2002 Email: [email protected]: COEXISTENCE Magazine 137 W. Riverside, CA 92507 626-840-7929 Marital Status: Single Occupation: Editor-In-Chief at COEXISTENCE Magazine Comments: Co-founded a new magazine... I shall see you there in 2009 August 28, 2006 Email: [email protected] Angeles, CA Marital Status: Significant Other Occupation: Full-time student//Graphic Designer Comments: I hope that everyone is doing well!

I attended UCLA, all the while trying to satiate my wanderlust by traveling the world in my off time, running marathons (I ran five in my senior year- best time), and flying small single engine airplanes.

I received my degree in philosophy (and got certified as an EMT).

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