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The final episodes were written, and the saga of Finn and Jake in the magical, post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo came to a close as the cast and crew scattered to new projects.The fruits of their labor will gradually unfurl on Cartoon Network until 2018 — although the timing remains uncertain.The church’s official position on this appears to be very neutral. Attitude toward Internet/Technology Does anyone else remember the constant talks about the evils of the internet and how you had to keep your kids off My Space to protect them? Yes, we still hear about the evils or pornography, but that is a specific concern, not a call to avoid the internet completely. Road Shows I don’t know that road shows were good theater, but boy, they were a lot of fun to put on. I still remember when they closed them down and I felt a faint sense of nostalgia about my parents teaching me hard work and charity while getting dirty. Magical Garments There were a lot of stories about the magical powers of garments back in the day.Maybe they’re still around, but boy, I think the rhetoric has been almost entirely turned around to spiritual protection, not physical. Kolob When was the last time anyone sang “If You Could Hie to Kolob”? I occasionally hear non-Mormons ask me about this special God-planet, but it’s really fading away. Becoming Gods President Hinckely’s interview with Larry King seemed to make us forget overnight about the Lorenzo Snow couplet. But when I was a kid, I heard endless stories about how horrible the Catholic church was, how Catholics believe unbaptized babies go to hell, about the evils of a belief in Purgatory (so very different from our Mormon belief in a Spirit Prison, of course! No one says anything about this anymore, and Mormons tend to think of Catholics as allies politically and perhaps religiously, as well.Mette Ivie Harrison is a former BYU “Benson Scholar” and high school seminary Scripture Chase champion. Sometimes I hear Mormons talk about how the church never changes in essentials or ex-Mormons complain that the church moves in geologic time toward more progressivity. In my lifetime (I was born in 1970), I’ve seen the church change dramatically, and not only in the most obvious way, the 1978 change to allow full priesthood blessings to be extended to our black brothers and sisters. Polygamy When I was a child and even as a teen, I remember the assumption that we would be practicing polygamy again as soon as it was legal.

1904 John Ambrose Fleming invents the first tube called The "Fleming Valve". 1926 The first AC (non battery) powered sets are marketed. Tube Radio Guides Crystal Radio Guides Transistor Radio Guides Boatanchors, Ham/SW Antennas History & Museums Radios For Sale/Wanted Radio Classifieds/Auctions Radio Forums/Message Boards Test Equipment Tube Tester Repair Services Tutorials/Training/Resources Antique Radio Clubs/Associations Radio Collector's Web Sites Manuals & Schematics Antique Radio Parts Vacuum Tubes Antique Radio Repair & Restoration Radio Workbenches Old Time Radio Shows AM Broadcast Transmitters Phonographs & Victrolas Annual Fests & Conventions Other Vintage Technology Suggest A Link Air Chief (Firestone) Air Chief Radios by Firestone Atwater Kent Atwater Kent Radios Atwater Kent Atwater Kent Information Bendix Radio The Bendix Radio Foundation Colby Colby Radio Research Laboratory, Elbridge NY Crosley Jim's Antique Crosley Radio Page Curtis Mathes Glenn Waters's Vintage Curtis Mathes site Detrola Dennis and Bonnie Smith's Detrola Site Midwest Mike Simpson's Midwest Radios Philco The Philco Repair Bench Philco Philco Radiola - RCA Radiola E.

The state health secretary vowed no one will lose coverage under the plan.

Although balloons are not listed among the world’s top 10 ocean pollutants, researchers in Australia recently suggested that they might be among the most harmful to sea birds, turtles and marine mammals.

She is the ward historian and nursery teacher, has five children and lives in Layton, Utah.

I think this has been at least superficially addressed.

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