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For the film, Salander undertakes a car chase in a Volvo, coordinates a small-scale jailbreak, dives into a bathtub for shelter from an explosion. The bachelorette party was for a friend who used to work for the European Court of Justice, so the vessel was filled with “lawyers and doctors and really practical, clever women,” Foy recalls.No one wanted to steer the ship through a narrow tunnel almost 250 meters long.The sides of the canal are lined with blackberry brambles and flowering bushes. ”Crisis and mastery have been themes in Foy’s life since her childhood.Growing up in Buckinghamshire, she was the youngest of three precocious children.“It took the actor to be the one who had no shame to go, ‘Oh, I’ll do it! ’ ” She commandeered the heavy tiller and navigated through.“At one point, we got lodged to the side, and the girls had to push off with their feet,” she says.One is tempted to draw parallels—with a shy and private woman who accedes to duty and leads an empire, say, or with a capacity to adapt to the most unanticipated challenges, such as watching a husband go to the moon.“This is the big guy, I think,” Foy says, squinting ahead as a tunnel looms into view. “This is the one that I steered the bloody beast down!

Antibiotics had no effect; the doctors scratched their heads.

Foy and her daughter left for a holiday in France with her older sister.

(On her wrist Foy wears a friendship bracelet to commemorate the trip that spells out, in beads, J-U-N-E—her sister’s nickname for her, from “Junior.” “I’d sort of much rather be called June,” she confesses.) After a long summer of darkness, Foy is coming alive again.“Everyone is very friendly on the canal,” she says, and, like a veteran boatwoman, raises a hand to passersby, none of whom appear to register they are being waved at by the queen.

I could lift weights.”The part was doubly challenging because the director, Fede Alvarez, sought to minimize the use of computer effects. This is, one comes to realize, a pattern with Foy, who describes herself as a quailing British “fatalist” (“Disaster is always round the corner!

When Salander looks to be shivering in subzero weather, Foy herself was freezing. ” she chirps) but who reliably does whatever must be done.

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