Startup speed dating

Do you offer products or services that are particularly useful for other startups as well?

Are you looking for cooperation partners in their supply chain or from complementary sectors? Then Startup Tinder is the right event for you: Connecting startups through an efficient speeddating and networking format.

After the panel discussion, you will make your way over to your respective group and give your 2 minute elevator pitch (no sides).

The investors will vote and take notes on each company and select a winner within your group.

Additionally, there will be an Optional Pitching Workshop Lunch from 12pm-3pm (Only 14 slots open). This Lunch Workshop includes the ticket to the event.

During this workshop Funding Post will completely deconstruct your elevator pitch, and work with you on formulating a clean and concise 2 minute elevator pitch giving the important information that investors NEED to hear to make an educated decision on your company!

Upon arriving to the event, Funding Post will give you a letter and number (for example 4B) which will signify which group of investors you will pitch to in the first round.

The event will kick off with an Investor Panel, discussing early-stage investing and what investors want to hear in a pitch.

When the final gong went off to end the speed-dating rounds, I had a stack of business cards with offerings ranging from regulatory help to software design, but I was still unsure which one was the most important to pick as The One.VC Speed Dating is where entrepreneurs meet investors in the „speed dates”.The event gives the opportunity to present a project face-to-face to many investors in a short period of time.We will then take a 20 minute break and serve refreshments and cocktails.The winner of each group will then move on to the final round in which each of those companies will give a 2 minute pitch to all the investors in the room, with 2 minutes of Q&A following the pitch.

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