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Lt Gov Casey Cagle won the Republican primary on Tuesday, and will face Georgia's secretary of state Brian Kemp in a run-off on 24 July to decide [Ms Abrams'] eventual opponent. This seems to be the new paradigm for the political parties.

Run a woman and it will please the fringes of the party to unite them.

I expect that the running of a Negress will bring out many more minority voters which could push her over the top.

Georgia Population demographics 2017, 2018 This article, while dated, provides some insight into what's been going on with voting in Georgia.

The GOP overdoing it and pumping in excessive funds and spending excessive time on this race attacking her would be a huge waste of resources and would backfire.Republicans have the same problem, their male and female office holders are jew sock puppets catering to the brainwashed Judeo-Christians and flag waving, war mongering idiot, Israel first culture.In Georgia the most important thing on earth is who's team of pavement apes wins the ballgame. Whites comprise only 59% of the population of Georgia.Georgia will become like Illinois if the democrat wins, Atlanta will out vote the rest of the state.It will be one party rule and become a failed welfare-sanctuary state.

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