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There’s an opportunity for follow-up questions and a genuine interchange.My on-campus interview with Cleary quickly veered off the canned introduction and became a full-scale defense of my undergrad thesis. The parties all want to do unto their ex-es whatever would hurt most if it were done to them. Who gets the time share-- like either of them ever wants to see it again! The dog will only suffer if he's abandoned: custody can go either way. Like, they fight over grandma's wine glasses, over cloth napkins for the dining room table. The applicant gets only a slim peek at the firm’s culture before moving on to a rival and the firm has only one snippet of face-to-face time to form their opinion before moving on to the callback.The student now talks to a number of lawyers from the firm and has the opportunity to form a broader understanding of firm culture, while the firm has multiple, iterated chats with a specific applicant and can draw on the insights of a number of lawyers in forming the best decision before extending a callback.For now though, someone out there is taking a chance on a new approach and in this industry that sort of bold thinking is a rarity worth encouraging.

It’s going to be interesting to hear how Herrick feels about this process after next year’s summer program (and interesting to hear how applicants felt about going through it).In a way, the traditional model of flitting from one isolated interaction to another is actually more like speed dating than what Herrick’s doing.And, let’s be honest, most of those 20-minute interviews are just time-killing exercises after a student is already plucked off the sheet based on their 1L transcript making the traditional model more like an in-person Tinder session than a substantive blind date.That’s when I fell in love with the idea of working at Cleary and, apparently, they decided they liked me too.That talk definitely couldn’t have developed in the Herrick model.

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