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However, we’re here to show you plenty of new places and activities ready to be explored with newly sober eyes, especially in a city as historic and diverse as Boston.

In fact, One of the perks of being newly sober is that you can replace the often sedentary activities associated with your addiction with a more active lifestyle.

But it sucked to discover that alcohol-free dating was still, well, When I said goodbye to alcohol and all its attendant drama, I never intended to bid farewell to dating, period.

I saw my romantic future shimmering atop a cotton-candy cloud of contentment and stability.

One of the hardest things to confront about your newfound sobriety is the fact that many places where you once enjoyed spending time now trigger thoughts of drinking or drug use.

Whether it be a former favorite bar or a park that evokes a painful memory from your past, living sober might at first feel like walking through a minefield without a sweeper.

Maybe you join a gym or find a pickup basketball league.

However, we live in the most historic city in America, so why not get some exercise while taking in a history lesson?

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Creating a profile on our dating site is easy and browsing others in your area is 100% free. Most of the men I dated in early sobriety were drinkers. Tall and dark with long eyelashes (my weakness), he was sexy in a skater-boy way (I never got over my sixth-grade propensity for Vans and bowl-cuts).Not alcoholics, but average Joes: the kind of guys who had no trouble stopping after a couple of glasses of wine; the kind of guys who couldn’t remember the last time they puked up all 12 of the Stella Artois drunk the night before. He was a friend of a friend, whom I’d casually admired for months, and his warm, easygoing manner won me over right away.A carefully constructed hipster with a trail of lively tattoos lining each of his arms, Steve was cute, unkempt, and stylishly unshaven.He ordered a mimosa as soon as we sat down, and mentioned that because he works from home, he goes to a bar every night “just to be around people.” (Apparently he’s never heard of restaurants or book stores or coffee shops or libraries or…) A few drinks in, he confessed that, a few years back, he was “a dog” who slept around and tried to collect as many women’s phone numbers as possible. ) Guys like Steve make “normal” men—a la Craig —look like dreamboats. I like a guy with quirks—heaven knows I’ve got plenty of them. Though I admit: Thanks to sobriety, I’m much saner than I used to be, and that’s definitely a good thing.

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