Soa updating zone files

A zone file may be either a DNS master file, authoritatively describing a zone, or it may be used to list the contents of a DNS cache.The format of a zone file is defined in RFC 1035 (section 5) and RFC 1034 (section 3.6.1).The field record class indicates the namespace of the record information.The most commonly used namespace is that of the Internet, indicated by parameter IN, but others exist and are in use, e.g., CHAOS.Such information elements are separated by white space.Resource records may occur in any order in a zone file, with some exceptions. ; equivalent to above line, "@" represents zone origin @ IN MX 50 mail3 ; equivalent to above line, but using a relative host name The format of the Azure CLI command to export a DNS zone is: As with the zone import, you first need to sign in, choose your subscription, and configure the Azure CLI to use Resource Manager mode.

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Zone file import is not currently supported via Azure Power Shell or the Azure portal.

This format was originally used by the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) software package, but has been widely adopted by other DNS server software – though some of them (e.g.

NSD, Power DNS) are using the zone files only as a starting point to compile them into database format, see also Microsoft DNS with Active Directory-database integration.

This article walks you through how to import and export DNS zone files for Azure DNS using the Azure CLI.

A DNS zone file is a text file that contains details of every Domain Name System (DNS) record in the zone.

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