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I don’t want to be on display, and that’s what this — this experiment — feels like to me, existing so unapologetically in a public sphere.

Here I am, firm in my worthiness, my own lovability. the dog runs straight toward the pickup trucks break-necking down the road, because she thinks she loves them, because she’s sure, without a doubt, that the loud roaring things will love her back. Perhaps, we are always hurtling our body towards the thing that will obliterate us, begging for love.” is strictly a news and information website about the disease.

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When we, in turn, insist on recognition of those desires, our pursuits are seen as We never see ourselves in movies, TV shows, and books, so we are consistently asked if, like, we can have babies, or if sex is possible.

It's about having fun and enjoying new experiences, and there is no one way to do anything. Finding the perfect match is easy when you have an idea of what you are looking for.

Joining a community of people who will listen and share their opinions and experiences is one of the most important things when first starting out.

Just remember that BDSM is about consent between both parties, and there should always be respect for your opinion and thoughts.

Remember that BDSM is about fun and fantasy, expirementing and trying new things.

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