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This may well explain why J FLYNN is promoting Addlington West Group.

A cursory glance of the UK Companies House records reveals Addlington West Group was newly incorporated in September 2018 and the sole director of Addlington West Group is one Mrs Christina Theresa Taylor, see Companies House records here: – It is no coincidence that Mrs Christina Taylor is the spouse of Mr David Taylor, with whom some Monster Rewards clients may be familiar with.

If it was officially in liquidation, then the appointed liquidator must put a notification on the Spanish company register.

All of the information in the public domain would indicate that the letters and emails being received are incorrect and contain information which is untrue.

However, J FLYNN goes further than this and he introduces the reader to a third party company called Addlington West Group Limited based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, which is near to Monster Rewards’ Stratford-Upon-Avon office.

J FLYNN says that Addlington West Group can help you recover money under the UK Consumer Credit Act 1974 and if anyone is interested in making a claim then they should email, [email protected]

It was agreed there that there was no factual dispute between the parties and it would be appropriate for them to brief the legal issue presented. The second payment, amounting to ,500.00 was to be paid to Claimant before the end of April 2009, which was prior to the bankruptcy filing. The Administrator does not dispute a liability to Claimant pursuant to the terms of the rabbi trust, but contends that Claimant is entitled to the status only of an unsecured creditor for any of the payments due under that agreement. In order to succeed in his assertion that he is entitled to priority status, Claimant must show that he is entitled by the provisions of § 507 to that status.

It is clear that Monster Rewards SL has a trading status of ACTIVE.The competitors list can be found next to the search input field above.Search Traffic The percentage of organic search referrals to this site.The undercover recording can be viewed here: –https://v=_o Ndi4NT4O8Monster Reward SL clients may also be familiar with Mr Taylor, too, as he worked as the office manager and sales person in Monster Rewards York office in the UK, until approximately 12 months ago.

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