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Well, this is just in: it is possible to do other things besides just masturbate all day long on the internet. Well, you don’t have to always watch porn every time you’re horny, you know. Or maybe you could browse escorts in your area, see if you can’t land yourself some real-life pussy. It’s not all about sitting around in your PJs all day, pleasuring yourself over and over again.

I’m sure your hand would appreciate the break anyway. Of course, that would require you to essentially be gay for pay (if you think that lots of chicks are tuning in to watch dude’s jack off on camera, you’ve got another thing cumming). There is, believe it or not, a little more to it than that.

Here's a complete list of what you can find on Adult escorts, webcam shows, phone chat, SMS chat, alternative or fetish escorts, movies, pictures, different member groups, erotica (sex stories), blogs, humor, TV (Adult Work cam models), and a mall (online shop and auction house for members).

On top of that, you can take advantage of an extensive help section with how-to videos, but also expect to see new and improved features as time goes by.

I suppose that they are in the process of rolling out the blogs feature, so maybe that will take care of that missing feature.

Either way, direct messaging on the site would be nice, or a more obvious social networking component of some sort – detailed profiles, pictures, walls, etc.

But wouldn’t you agree that getting blown and fucked by a real chick is infinitely better than touching yourself for a few minutes until you cum into a napkin?

Sometimes the easy thing isn’t the most pleasurable, if you can believe that.

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