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We use Green Light at Mc Leod Health to manage all employee training initiatives across our healthcare system.This includes a combination of e-learning modules and instructor-led courses for 8,000 employees.We frequently need to have candidates with large numbers of certifications and have all of those on file.Setting up Green Light courses to confirm those certifications and to administer continuing education helps us manage hundreds of items.The system works well to deliver modules to employees at all of our locations and the reporting feature allows for easy tracking of training compliance.Green Light is being used across the entire organization to administer annual training updates such as harassment training as well as job specific training.Overall a great company, and they are constantly working to improve the product.Green Light is used by the Corporate Training department to direct trainings to all employees.

Do NOT attack other player unless you see the gm saying GO Play Fair if you lose accept your loss and respect everyone. No Buffs - do not buff , de buff or heal players while they pvp 2. Exanic is a PVP Based server If you already had a Exanic's Account before December 16.

Since our School’s inception, this mission has been the cornerstone of everything we’ve achieved, advancing healthcare on a scale which places us among the nation's most prestigious and important healthcare research centers. If you do not see a position which matches your skills, please submit your resume without selecting a specific position and we will contact you if you meet the qualifications when positions become available.

Whether you wish to pursue a position in direct patient care or in another area such as management, finance, information technology, research, or administrative support within a healthcare environment, NYU Langone Medical Center can offer you the resources, recognition, learning, and rewards that you need to perform at your very best.

It is fully web enabled, so only a web browser is needed to access the site. Ask about the reporting features - these are challenging in many LMS applications.

The features we are using include the Training Calendar, Catalog, Reports, History, References, Learning Plans, and Qualifications. The training they provided for administrators is also very good.

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