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Thaw stand occupied rngre space than any other arej was immediately visible from anywhere (n Ihe vast ar$na- TTie stand was a mi Kture o( dig- ptay i OMTtt.

banners, CD32 stands and various Other b Uts and botos.

No other game has ever scored so highly and we've got the exclusive demo for you.

Due to meinory constraints it's only a rolling demo but that shouldn't stop you enjoying a trip through the best space game of all time.

Nest up, was a trio of graphics boards being distributed by SDL. The third board, an MPEG card called Peggy, enables an A4000 to replay MPEG standard 1 animation which was receiving its European launch at the show, The CD32 was also running with an MPEG modu Je plugged in and Commodore's Sanjay Majid was demonstrating the unit which was run- ning a number of pop videos, complete with CD audio tracks.

At one point during tho show a number o^ Apple's slaff came over to have a look at the CD32.

The BJC&OO prints at up to 240 chgraclers per second and has perhaps the most solid colour yet seen on a home colour printer.

In a definite step up for Star, they have pro- duced the 3J1 44, another 360 DPI printer.

Its jour iir« (□ n^a Kfi 01 H What yau wi"^ • Smooth scrslliog. Dtsiray Iha Emparoi^ ultim^l^ weapon •n0«fid his tyranny. Floptical A200O Kit £289 Floptical A500 External .£389 syquest d ri v e 3.5" Removable HD from Svquesi. 3.5" Syquest 1 7ms £739 3.5" 105MB Cartridge £79 We can su^ly SCSI or IDE 3.5" drives in msuiy siaes. PG880B with Bliti Amiga, ,...£60 internal drive £4' PCa82 Amiga 2000 internal drive.. IVit M.'i blocker (prevents viruses) and built- 1 ^backup hardware. x-backu|»p ro EKtreamly powerful disk back-up utility, uses latesr custom chip design. X-Backup Pro £29A6(X)/Ai2(}0 Colour Scanner available so mthfoit naiiit, BMitfl Mi Hfcr tfrc iu*Mu Jft^»i AUprkf S iitda^ VAT. ..£45 Brilliance E1S2 Directo Vy Opus .,....,,,.£49 Scala 50O „,„ .,. £185 Video Director , C1 19 Final Copy II ...„.,,....„,........,, £80 Turbo Print Pro ..,...„ .,.......£39 ITIt Hskt%ti%M9pro ducts Power Mouse ,,....,„,...,.„ .,...£1 S Optical Mouse..,,,., .......,,£29.95 n*placement Optical Mat ., £10 l Oa Branded Disk a * Box £49.99 10 Branded Disks ....£4.99 A1 200 Dustcover.,.,..,,,,. drawing too L DISK 68 PAGE sa We've pulled out all the stops to bring you a completely stun- ning graphics/DTP package that's second to none!Tucked away at the back of the stand was a row of A4000S demonstrating some of the hottest new gear around.Andy Bishop from Blue Ribbon was doing a very impressive demo of fijrs and Pipes Fro 2, using a drum pad (o play interactive ly over the lop of a music track he'd recorded earlier.•Probalily ona oi: (h* nwattflftsd sfc™« gar^E by Magaiinft ravi9*ar5 IMe y Mf-' Avall Abl* «n: Atari 5T, Amiga arvd PC * Compat Was i'./GA. ...........£7.99 order/o r m ^ ••'".i.^ .••' Cauft. Alternatively you can use the built in Trace program to convert standard bit- mapped IFF pictures into structured' ones which can easily be resca Jed! With its flexible printer support' you can output razor sharp images even on the humblest of nine-pin printers and wilh a 300- 600 DPI device the prograrr's output i$ good enough to use oommerciaily! Not one, not two, but three whole demos for you to take a butchers at.Rrst up there's Frontier, the stunning sequel to Elite, rated 97% this issue.

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