Shes hesitant about dating Free adult im roleplay chat

And you're a self proclaimed average guy who says he's "just not good enough"?

I think you're dating someone who is a crazy slut, there's nothing wrong with you.

I really like Vicki, but I don't want to feel like an outsider in my own home!

Which I believe will be inevitable in this situation.

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I don't know, it could be a lot of's hard to dismiss a statement like this.

In the end it's either good enough for her or it's not..take things slow, withdraw just a little bit. There are a few issues with old "good" friends who have gone against her and ruined friendships or only talked to her when they needed things... I think maybe she thought their intentions were better than they were and was disappointed with the outcome...

So maybe in a sense shes used to being taken advantage of... I think when she finally got to the point where she emotionally comitted to a guy they always changed or tried to control her...

When women tend to "figure a guy out" they sometimes lose interest. I don't like some of my friends gf's but I keep it to myself as long as they are happy.

Hate to be pessimistic myself, but that's not a good sign either.

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