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On the right side of the Mistletoe tree, there's another door that leads to the rest of the fusions: Dark, Water, and Earth. I bet their presence has something to do with why I can't do fusions anymore! The doors to three of them are behind the 'Heaven' door: Light, Fire, and Wind. It seems that the curse has sealed away each one of Yuri's fusions; we're going to have to unlock them one by one. Fire and Earth, as the physically strongest fusions, are solid choices to start with. All that's left of the gravestones is a chunk with the element's seal. We can only unlock one fusion on this trip, and you've probably realized that there will be a boss fight immediately after. The nice thing about Covenant is that Soul Energy can be used to unlock any fusion, unlike the first game where you had to collect souls of the same element as the fusion you wanted to unlock. *sigh* Guess I'd better have a look around in here...inside my soul... That "me" growing in the trunk is breathing slowly, like it's sleeping or something. You can reach the exit from either side, so as long as you keep heading north (the mini-map's north - the screen perspective will change), you should make it out all right.

With everything picked up, we continue to the large open clearing near the exit.

For some reason, the game seems to like to have the first fight in each area scripted to occur at a certain place. Ardennes Forest has three monsters wandering around: Death Snail, Skeeter, and Zosim. You mean they might be able to kill me while I'm like this? The Malice that fills the world and the Malice that's trapped in your soul are both growing and creating hatred. We don't want to go there yet, though, so instead we'll ride the elevator to the top level. There's a Tent hidden by the fence, and a Leather Cap hidden in the back of the shallow cave. Now, we go down to the middle level and retrace our steps to follow the right-hand path toward the boss area.

Your soul has become unstable, and it's emitting waves that draw the monsters. That's...actually a better explanation for constant random battles than most games give. There's a save point at the bottom of the elevator, and if we follow the path south, we'll get to the boss area.

Certain skills will only be learned by 2nd or 3rd tier fusions. I usually prioritize getting the 2nd tier of all the fusions before I start leveling them up. The first tier look somewhat like Yuri in very elaborate costumes, but the higher tiers are much more, hm, unique.

Doing so makes the fusion slightly stronger and you learn new skills.

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