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S., an online abortion telemedicine service that regularly receives requests from U. residents, and advocates engaged in public education, community activism, and legislative outreach.By significantly advancing current knowledge of self-managed medication abortion in the U.A recently published case series with 547 women reported continuing pregnancy rates in women receiving various progesterone regimens within 72 hours of taking mifepristone; the highest rates occurred in women receiving high-dose oral progesterone (68%) and progesterone IM (64%).Notably, overall efficacy was higher with more advanced gestation, ranging from 25% at 5 weeks to 77% at 9 weeks.S., the expected outcomes of the project are to: 1) equip clinicians with the tools to reduce the risks that may accompany medication self-management and to improve clinical service delivery; 2) inform the public conversation around medication self-management; and 3) produce an evidence base that can influence policy conversations about self-managed medication abortion in a positive and constructive way.Mitchell Creinin, MD; University of California, Davis 1,764 Background: Medical abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol is highly effective; however, continuing pregnancy can still occur, especially as gestation advances.Methods: We propose a 10-year retrospective review of our clinical experience to report the effectiveness and safety of medication abortion when managed by APCs at our health centers, and describe our APC provider characteristics, patient characteristics and their association with medication abortion outcomes.Proposed analysis: We hope to demonstrate clearly that medication abortion is highly effective and safe when provided by APCs to a diverse population of clinically well, reproductive age patients through 70 days’ gestation.

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,347 Background: Expanding the pool of trained, competent medication abortion providers is necessary to fill gaps in access to safe abortion in the U. The scope of practice for advanced practice clinicians (APCs), including nurse practitioners (NPs), certified nurse midwives (CNMs) and physician assistants (PAs), extends well beyond the skills required to safely manage medication abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol.

Methods: Taking a complementary, comprehensive mixed-methods and community-engaged approach, we will conduct in-depth qualitative interviews and/or focus groups with abortion providers (n=10), advocates (n=6), Black (n~35) and Latinx (n~35) women to explore the multi-level factors related to medication abortion (non)use among understudied groups in Georgia.

Emergent codes and themes will inform development of an online survey to quantitatively estimate Black (n=200) and Latinx (n=200) women's medication abortion perceptions, intentions, and use and identify correlates of those outcomes (e.g.

The primary outcome is continuing pregnancy two weeks after mifepristone administration.

The sample size is based on loss rates quoted with no treatment and with progesterone by physicians advocating that mifepristone effects can be antagonized with high-dose progesterone.

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